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Anarcho-Capitalism is a political philosophy that was coined by Murray Rothbard somewhere around the 50’s or 60’s. It calls for the abolition of state power while still supporting things like property rights, free markets and individual liberty. Both the philosophical assumptions and the etymology of the term are under frequent scrutiny, especially by others who self identify with anarchism. Some even go as far as calling it an oxymoron. Is this objection legitimate? Are anarcho-capitalists anarchists? Here are some possible answers.

Anarcho-Capitalists are Anarchists

For the reader ignorant of the debate, the answer is obvious. Anarcho-capitalists are anarchists. It is literally in the…

Nozick’s Experience Machine

Robert Nozick had a famous thought experiment that can be summed up in the following way: Imagine there was a machine, while in the machine, an algorithm is run that lets you experience anything you want. It seeks to maximize your happiness as fully as possible. The machine is capable of giving you hardship, boredom, heartbreak, etc., provided that it works to maximize your pleasure and joy. While in the machine you forget you are in a false reality. You do not know true reality.

Nozick would ask his students if they would enter the machine. Often they did not…

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I burnt the flag because I love America.

I burnt the flag because I hate America.

Above is a photo of myself on a July 4th a few years ago. The tone is one of punk adolescent fun. I didn’t have any sort of message in mind when the photo was taken. However as I’ve become more and more coherent in my own political philosophy, the symbolism of the moment has clarified itself, ex post facto. I think everyone should burn an American flag this 4th of July.

Free speech is an American principle. The United States of American was…

In the opening scene of The Fountainhead, we are introduced to a man standing naked on a cliff edge. He stands basking in the nature around him. This man is Howard Roark, the hero of the novel and the mouthpiece for much of Rand’s ideas. As Howard is looking out at the wilderness he thinks about the natural resources. He imagines them being turned into capital for the betterment of man. Rand describes the scene as such;

“These rocks, he thought, are here for me; waiting for the drill, the dynamite, and my voice; waiting to be split, ripped, pounded…


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